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Gengar LED Candle Holder



A wild Gengar Appeared!

This is a 3D printed PLA+ Light up Gengar. First I start with black PLA+. I then paint it with acrylic paints and then clear coat it.

This product is made to order, so you can chose the colours you wish to have.

Please let me know upon ordering.

Includes one free LED light candle!

DO NOT USE A REAL CANDLE. This can cause the plastic to melt.

Easy to gift. All ready to go! To any Pokémon lover.


Additional information


L80mm x H100mm x W110mm.

Clear Coating

Matt Gloss


PLA+, Acrylic Paint

Manufacturing Time

6-8 Weeks from order

1 review for Gengar LED Candle Holder

  1. lordsinisterpie

    Beautifully done. He stands watch over my room every night.

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