Chikorita Planter



A Wild Chikorita Appeared!

Do you love the second generation of Pokemon? Who doesn’t love grass starter Chikorita!

All Chikorita’s are first 3D printed from PLA+ the highest quality of PLA. I then hand paint each one individually, this way I can also customise your Chikorita exactly how you want it and finally it is then clear coated with a matte finish. This seals the paint and keeps it protected while you happily water your plants 🙂


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on the contact page.


Please make note:

*these Watering cans are for inside or full shade ONLY. Do NOT leave them in the sun.

Additional information


L100 x W50 x H100mm

Clear Coating

Matt Clear


PLA +, Acrylic Paint

Manufacturing Time

6-8 Weeks from order


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