Pay via Zip Pay Card

How to Pay

In order to pay via ZipPay you will need to have the ZipPay app installed on your phone, then continue to the following steps before going to the Checkout.


  • Open and login to your ZipPay account on your app
  • Go to Cards
  • Set up ZipPay card > Click Yes
  • You can also choose to save this to your apple wallet
  • Once you have a Zip Card on your screen scroll to the bottom and click ‘Shopping Online?’
  • It will then generate a card with a number, expiry and CVV for you to use.
  • Note down these details and then enter them into the card at the pay by Debit/Credit Card section.
  • It will then take the funds from your ZipPay account

And your DONE!


Happy shopping 🙂